Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It’s easy. First, secure a fantastic deal by buying author-direct from P. Anastasia. You’ll then be able to read your title(s) from the complimentary, all-in-one app. You can also side-load
your eBooks to your e-reader following easy instructions. 

Books are delivered via email with BOOK FUNNEL - a secure, reliable way to access your content. For help getting them on your KINDLE, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like them delivered a different method, you may pay full price at the retailer of your choice: Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple Books, or Google Play. We have no control over the prices set by these retailers.

Help is here if you have any questions along the way! Happy

Are these eBooks or physical copies?

While we will offer print copies soon, we currently only
offer eBooks and audio books.

For ebooks, we provide both EPUB and MOBI files, so you can
read on any modern digital device, including Kindle and Kindle apps.

If you would like a different format, please click HERE.

Do they contain graphic content?

If my books were made into movies, they would likely have either PG or PG-13 ratings.

Fates Aflame and Exile of the Sky God would be closer to PG, while Dark Diary and Fluorescence would be PG-13. Although there will be epic monster battles, gritty, suggestive content, you won't find explicit sex scenes.
F-bombs are basically non-existent, save a single occurrence in Fluorescence.

Should I read the books in order?

Yes. Some books contain major spoilers when read out of sequence.
Here is the recommended reading order for each series:

1. Fire Starter
2. Contagious
3. Fallout
4. Lost Souls

POE Prophecies:
1. The Raven
2. The Black Cat
3. Mask of the Red Death
4. Dream Within a Dream
5. TBA

Fates Aflame:
1. Fates Aflame
2. Fates Awoken

Dark Diary:
1. Dark Diary
2. Grave Burden

Exile of the Sky God:

Each series is an independent tale offering its own unique characters, experiences, and world-building.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! I'd love for you to make new friends, but if these books aren't for you, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. Applies to DIGITAL PRODUCTS ONLY. Print books cannot be returned.

Please email Support@PAnastasia.com or reply to your order confirmation email and we'll help you out!