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Author P. Anastasia

POE Prophecies Book 3: Mask of the Red Death (EBOOK)

POE Prophecies Book 3: Mask of the Red Death (EBOOK)

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"P. Anastasia, you should be very proud of this book. You have successfully incorporated one of the leading names in the literary world in this exceptional novel. "
Midwest Book Review 


I won't give up without a fight.

The Prophet had an ugly surprise in store. There are unspoken risks, and I’m not referring to Lenore’s “accident.” Everything I’ve been working toward could vanish in an instant. After what happened to Theo, we need to tread carefully.

That’s not our only concern. We think we’ve discovered where the Disbelievers have been recruiting students. We plan to sneak inside, gather intel, and then get out. No harm in that, right? Infiltrating the place won’t be easy, but my friends have my back. 

We’re smart, and we won’t get caught. 




1. The Raven
2. The Black Cat
3. Mask of the Red Death
4. Dream Within a Dream
5. TBA

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