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Author P. Anastasia

SIGNED Dark Diary (Special Edition HARDCOVER)

SIGNED Dark Diary (Special Edition HARDCOVER)

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"Dark Diary took me over 15 years to finish, and it has always been my most cherished story. I hope it finds a place in your heart." ~P. Anastasia

Worlds collide
when a 17th-century vampire meets a modern tattoo artist tormented by visions of her untimely death. Guilt stricken by the passing of a friend and lover, he entertains her offer of friendship.

Far from an average vampire tale, Dark Diary is a poignant allegory for life, where fears and regrets endanger one's desire for love and acceptance. It is a delicate reflection on art, romance, and the burden of mental illness.

Forbidden romance in the vein of classics like Wuthering Heights, frosted with the seductive allure of immortality, this story documents a pair torn apart by time.
A quaint, genre-crossing love story with a flourish of historical romance, it will capture your heart and never let go.

Dark Diary is a STANDALONE book, however, you can continue your journey alongside the characters in book 2: Grave Burden.


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334 Pages. 6' x 9"

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