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Author P. Anastasia



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"Dark Diary took me over 15 years to finish, and it has always been my most cherished story. I hope it finds a place in your heart." ~P. Anastasia

A gripping follow-up to Dark Diary.

What doesn't kill you makes you a hell of a lot stronger.
A beast lurks in Kathera's mind, shredding her sanity until all that remains hangs by a fragile thread. While the line between fiction and reality blurs, a moral dilemma keeps her from fighting back. Can she find the answer without losing herself in the process, or will there be more blood on her hands?
With burdens too grave to bear, Kathera and Matthaya must grapple vengeful ghosts from their pasts and lay their demons to rest.

But you can't bury your mistakes. Nor can you escape them...

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284 Pages.

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