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Author P. Anastasia

SIGNED POE Prophecies: The Black Cat (Book 2)

SIGNED POE Prophecies: The Black Cat (Book 2)

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SIGNED paperback of POE Prophecies: The Black Cat. 

This title is appropriate for both youth and adult readers.

134 Pages. Paperback edition.

"P. Anastasia, you should be very proud of this book. You have successfully incorporated one of the leading names in the literary world in this exceptional novel. "
~ Midwest Book Review 


Trust no one.

My name's Aidan Grey. I'm a twelve-year-old student at P.O.E. Academy, where we study the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Since joining a super-secret study group, I’ve learned new things and met new people. But something doesn’t smell right, and it’s not last week’s leftover sandwich in my book bag.

I’ve got a hunch that there’s more than meets the eye to this Vincent guy. So what if he has a powerful Kindred and can move about a room like a ghost? He’s friends with my cousin, and my cousin should be expelled for things he’s said about The Prophet.

Lenore thinks Vincent’s one of us, but anyone who’s friends with Bertrand can’t be trusted.

I’ll do whatever it takes to expose him for what he is.


1. The Raven
2. The Black Cat
3. Mask of the Red Death
4. Dream Within a Dream
5. TBA

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