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Author P. Anastasia

SIGNED PRE-ORDER PAPERBACK POE Prophecies Book 4: Dream Within a Dream (Book 4)

SIGNED PRE-ORDER PAPERBACK POE Prophecies Book 4: Dream Within a Dream (Book 4)

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"P. Anastasia, you should be very proud of this book. You have successfully incorporated one of the leading names in the literary world in this exceptional novel. "
Midwest Book Review 


I can’t sleep.

My name’s Aidan Grey. I’m a twelve—hold up—nearly thirteen-year-old student at P.O.E Academy, and I study the works of Edgar Allan Poe. My birthday is around the corner, but it’s hard to be excited with all this crushing anxiety. Anxiety over what, you ask?

Well, it’s not because final exams are coming, and it’s definitely not because of the horrific incident at the Archives—although that, too, has me on edge.
Something even more unnerving has been happening.
Vivid, life-like nightmares haunt me. I wake up groggy and confused, detached from reality. I don’t know what to do or who to tell.
My parents? My friends? The professor?
Maybe I’ll just handle this on my own...

148 Pages.


1. The Raven
2. The Black Cat
3. Mask of the Red Death
4. Dream Within a Dream
5. TBA

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