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Author P. Anastasia



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“Misery. It’s practically my middle name. Veikko “Misery” Virtanen. I can’t help it. Call me a fool, but I prize the little things. A warm embrace used to make me feel whole. The endearing touch of a pretty girl was a gesture I treasured. I cherish those things, yet they always slip through my grasp.”

Solitary Man is an endearing short story that invites you to peek inside the inner workings of a man who’s given up on love.

A glimpse into the life of a Finnish comedian during the aftermath of a harsh breakup, Solitary Man is an ironic, uniquely heartwarming account of a man who spreads happiness to others but has trouble finding it himself.

Earnest and relatable, this short story will leave you with a little more joy in your own heart, and perhaps a little more in his.

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